For water dispensers, water coolers and similar applications.

Stanley novelty UVC LED

* related to E.coli at a flow rate of 1.2l/min. Data for other viruses and bacteria on request.

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    Our UVC desinfection solutions

    Our high-performance LED inactivates bacteria and viruses. This new technology provides a modern and confirmed way of disinfection. Why you should buy from the market leader’s LEDs and UV lamps for UV disinfection:


    254 nm, 265 nm wavelength deep UV LED – highly effective against bacteria and viruses

    99,999 % sterilization rate (5 log) and higher

    * related to E.coli at a flow rate of 1.2l/min. Data for other viruses and bacteria on request.

    Individual, customer oriented UVC solutions for various applications

    Available as LED, LED-Module and Reactor

    Please, feel free to contact us on further information on the different use cases of disinfecting UV technology and on how to implement it for your applications.

    This is what distinguishes our high-performance LEDs for UVC disinfection

    Global Innovation from Japan

    UV high-performance LEDs for customized UVC solutions

    Disinfection rate up to 99,999%*

    Reliable protection against bacteria and viruses

    *related to E.coli at a flow rate of 1.2l/min. Data for other viruses and bacteria on request.

    Maximum effectiveness through 265nm

    UV light irradiation with optimal wavelength

    Evaluation of effectiveness against new coronavirus

    We have confirmed the effectiveness on the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). The evaluation tests conducted with Yamaguchi University (Dr. Daisuke Hayasaka and Dr. Hiroshi Shimoda) confirmed the high effectiveness of UV sterilization. In addition, we have confirmed the superiority of the wavelength (265nm) emitted by our mass-production UVC light sources

    The new coronavirus
    evaluation test

    Before UV irradiation

    After Stanley‘s 265 nm UVC LEDs irradiation

    Relative comparison of sterilization performance by wavelength (280nm = 1)


    Mercury Lamp
    (Cold Cathode Lamp)



    Our solution for UVC disinfection

    Stanley Electric’s high performance LEDs make the potential of UVC light applicable for use in a wide variety of applications, from household items to industrial equipment, factories and infrastructure equipment

    Surface disinfection

    • Medical Equipment
    • Interior of industrial equipment
    • Food and packaging industry
    • Disinfection boxes
    • Escalators and elevators

    Air disinfection

    • Air Conditioning
    • Cooling Systems
    • Medical Equipment

    Water disinfection

    • Medical Equipment
    • Water dispenser and equipment
    • Industrial equipment in food industry

    Disinfection Time

    Considering the benefits of Stanley’s 265nm LED on DNA sensitivity, temperature stability and disinfection performance we compared the time required for disinfection of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

    Relative comparison of time required for disinfection of new coronavirus

    (Based on our verification experiment and the output maintenance rate at high temperature)

    Stanley UVC LED achieves disinfection in shorter time.

    Disinfection performance


    Disinfection Time

    Radiant flux (mW)

    Product Overview: STANLEY UVC-LEDs, UVC-Lamps and reactors


    Wavelength: 265nm
    UV radiant flux 6mW – 200mW

    UVC-Lamps and reactors

    Wavelength: 254nm
    UV radiant flux 200mW-1,100mW
    Size (LxBxH) 10x35mm – 4x240mm

    UVC-LED reactors

    Wavelength: 265nm
    UV radiant flux 3,5W-620W
    Water Flow: 0,5-300 L/min

    Inquire now our product sheet with an overview of the technical specifications

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